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The Support Sessions

Copywriting and content writing

Need copy and content help but don’t have the budget for my time? I hear ya!

The Support Sessions are my accessible service, perfect for independent, sustainable, and/ or creative business owners (aka, my kinda people). Together, we’ll transform your copywriting and content writing in a super affordable way.


You know one of my core values is helping people, right?


It’s super important to me.


So, to help you write your own copy and content, you’ll get my undivided attention for a whole hour, a recording, my writing advice and experience, my research skills, and a month of email support. What could be more helpful?

Tell me your ideas, I’ll suggest some of mine, and by the end of the hour together you’ll have a clear, actionable plan to write your own copy or content. You’ll have a recording of our meeting, a written summary, and four weeks of email support. Even better, I’ll check two pieces of copy or content for you.

If you're ready to transform your copy and content, and you just need me to hold your hand a lil bit, then The Support Sessions are exactly what you need. 

How does it work?


It's simple! Click the button below and select The Support Sessions. You'll be able to choose a time that works for you, make the payment, answer some (easy) questions, and we’re good to go.

The session itself is jam- packed full of solutions, advice, and guidance. Ask me as many questions as you need to, and there’s no question too small. I’ll send you the recording after the session for you to refer to whenever you need to. You’ll also get four weeks of email support from me, so I can answer your questions or check two pieces of copy for you.


Amazing, right?

I’ll need you to tell me as much about your business as possible, and your copy or content goals in the sign-up info I'll send you in advance. That way I’ll be able to do some focused research to help you before our hour-long session. 

How much does it cost?


Great question! You’ll get a bespoke session full of solutions like:

  • Expert copywriting advice to transform your website copy, product descriptions, or sales emails

  • Specific and detailed content guidance to smash your blogs, social media captions, and newsletters

  • Mind- mapping and workshopping ideas for name creation, naming products, or naming packages

  • Advice on how to write for different formats

  • Creating sustainable content plans for you to follow, focusing on your business goals

  • Pretty much any writing help you need! I’ve been writing for decades, I have an English degree, taught English in secondary schools for almost 10 years, have a diploma in Copywriting (a distinction, baby!) and I’ve been working as a copywriter since 2020. I can definitely help you.


You get:

  • An hour long 1:1 session with me on Zoom

  • A clear, actionable plan for you to write your own copy or content

  • A recording of the whole hour session

  • Specific support tailored to your business

  • Four weeks of email support and I’ll review two pieces of your writing


Total investment: £187

I’m happy to chat about a payment plan with you, just let me know.

Copywriting and content writing:

The Support Sessions

Book my spot!


Using Paperbell, you can choose the time that works for you, make the payment, and answer the questions I'll need to know. What could be easier!?

I'm working on setting up payment plan options for The Support Sessions, but while I get the tech sorted, you can simply email me if you'd like to pay in a particular way and we'll set something up. 

Wanna talk about it before booking? No worries. 

Let's have a 20 minute discovery call first. Book a time that works for you here. Can't wait!

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