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Copywriting and content writing

The Retainer

You’re going to love The Retainer.


It works brilliantly for you, for me, and for your business.

You get a whole day of my month, all to yourself, and all the copy or content you need done for you. Amazing, right?

It’s the ultimate in outsourcing:

  • It saves you time

  • Keeps your content regular and consistent

  • I’ll target your business goals each quarter

  • We can repurpose content to get the most value for money

  • You get an expert writing for you

  • You get a different expert proofreading everything for you

  • You’ll be able to focus on your business, not writing!

  • I’ll learn about your business and audience inside out

  • You take things off your to do list

  • Drive traffic to your website with SEO keywords

  • A great working relationship with yours truly

  • Super clear expectations and boundaries to help us both


And, it works for your bottom line. Businesses that blog regularly get 67% more leads than businesses that don’t and 56% of customers have made a purchase from a business after reading a blog post from them.

I don’t have to write your blogs for you though. The Retainer can be for whatever writing you need. Newsletters, social media captions, emails… the list is (almost) endless.


The first step is for us to have a chat.

How does it work?


You’re launching a new website, or starting a blog with ten ready- to- go posts, or updating some product descriptions. Instead of you tap, tap, tapping on your keyboard and agonising over every word, I’ll write it all for you.

The Project is a service which has a clear start and end date, with a clear deliverable outlined from the beginning. (Like, three pages of website copy delivered by the end of the month. You get the idea.)

By collaborating with me on The Project you’ll get heaps more time, more head space, more tasks smashed off your to do list, AND you’ll have clear, accurate copy. All of which is only going to make your business more professional and more successful… Win win!

How much does it cost?


This slightly depends on what you need and the topic of what I’m writing.


Generally speaking, my The Retainer rate is £250 per day. This will get you a perfectly polished 1000+ word blog post, with research you’ve supplied. If you want something different, that’s fine. Each retainer is bespoke to the business owner.

Retainers are paid in advance, at the start of each quarter. This massively cuts down on admin for both of us creating, paying, chasing, and confirming invoices. We can discuss this if you’d rather pay in a different way. 

Is this negotiable?


Just about everything in the retainer is bespoke to you and your business.


What writing you need, when you want it, how much research I’ll need to do, how many days per month… everything is up for discussion.


Except the price. £250 per day is my bottom line, and I can’t work for less that that.


You’ll find, according to ProCopywriters, that the average day rate of 561 UK copywriters was much higher than mine. I’m happy with my rate as it is but working for less per day isn’t an option. 

Can I see your work?


Of course! I’ve got some lovely SEO blogs on my portfolio (as well as lots of other writing), and my newsletter: sign up here.

You can see examples of my social media captions on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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