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The Project

Copywriting and content writing

You need something to be written, and you don’t want to write it, am I right? 


No judgement here.


There are things we like doing, and things we don’t.


When I don’t have the skills, time, confidence, or desire to do something (*cough, taxes, cough*)
I ask for help, or find someone to do it for me. Repeatedly. Just ask my poor accountant.


So, think of me like your word accountant. No, that’s stupid.


Think of me like your copywriter.

How does it work?


You’re launching a new website, or starting a blog with ten ready- to- go posts, or updating some product descriptions. Instead of you tap, tap, tapping on your keyboard and agonising over every word, I’ll write it all for you.

The Project is a service which has a clear start and end date, with a clear deliverable outlined from the beginning. (Like, three pages of website copy delivered by the end of the month. You get the idea.)

By collaborating with me on The Project you’ll get heaps more time, more head space, more tasks smashed off your to do list, AND you’ll have clear, accurate copy. All of which is only going to make your business more professional and more successful… Win win!

How much does it cost?


Ah, I wish I could answer this question directly. Of course you want to know the costs before you start the process! I don’t blame you.


The thing is: every project is unique.

So are you, and so is your business.

Meaning- I can’t give you a “one size fits all” price, because there isn’t one.


To give you an accurate quote, I need to know:

  • What you want me to write

  • How many words you’re aiming for

  • How much research I need to do (key words, industry, competitors…)

  • If you have your brand values, tone of voice, and overall business aims established, or if you need me to help you with these

  • Your idea deadline (yes, rush jobs cost more. I will work weekends for you, but the price will be higher)

  • How many rounds of revisions you’d like


As a guide I can tell you:

Your investment for website copy starts at £1250. This is your home, about, simple services/ products and contact page written, professionally proofread, with a round of revisions. My day rate for extras (think: additional website pages, blogs, product descriptions, whatever you need) is £250 per day.

Agencies, my day rate for you lovelies is £350. Pretty good, yes?

Is this negotiable?


In short- no.

I price very carefully and very competitively. The (incredible) ProCopywriters organisation polled 561 UK copywriters in 2022 and found the average day rate was much higher than mine. I’m happy with my day rate, but I will be raising it as my business grows.

I am more than willing to negotiate the price if the scope of the project changes and I am always happy to chat about a payment plan with you. It can be uncomfortable to talk money, but I'm here to help. 

Can I see your work?


Yes! I’d love you have a look around my portfolio.


You’ll see some of the businesses I’ve written for, and how they found working with me. (Spoiler alert: they said nice things.)

Here's the step- by- step process of The Project:


Step One:
Once you’re ready you can book a no- obligation discovery call with me. It's totally free and lasts about 20 minutes. We'll chat about your business, what you’d like me to do for you, and ideally when you’d like it. I'll let you know about similar work I’ve done in the past, and how busy my diary is. You can ask me any questions you have and we'll see if we're a good fit. 


Step Two:

Within 48 hours I’ll email you a quote, a confirmed deadline, and a summary of what I’ll do for you.



Step Three:
You'll be delighted with the quote (fingers crossed!), so I’ll follow up with a contract and an invoice for 50% of the fee. If you’re not happy with the quote, we can negotiate on the scope of the project, or you can park the project and come back to it in a few months.

Step Four:
When you’ve paid the 50% of the invoice and returned the contract, it's time to fill in The Questionnaire. There are 25 strategic questions and the answers will tell me all about your business and your goals. If you’d rather not answer the questionnaire (it can it daunting to some!) we can do it together on Zoom.

Step Five:
I’ll get writing! On or before your deadline, I’ll get your copy to you. You’ll have 7 days to review everything I’ve written and give me feedback. You get one round of revisions included, so if there are any structure, vocabulary, or tone of voice edits you want to change I'll edit it for you. What I write should sound like you’ve written it, so any phrasing you want to tweak is fine by me.


Step Six:
Like all my previous clients, you're happy with your copy. This is the time I give it to one of my freelance proofreader friends and get your copy professionally and thoroughly proofread.


Now we’re at the end of our project together! You'll be super excited to launch your copy to all your customers. I’ll send you my final invoice, and a testimonial questionnaire. Hopefully we’ll work together again in the future!

How does it work?
How much does it cost
Is this negotiable?
Can I see your work
Step By Step
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