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Here's some lovely feedback from my clients. 

I am only getting a chance to read this now (3 year old child who doesn't like appropriate bedtimes this last week!) and my goodness!! I actually feel like I could cry right now. You have no idea how much this means to me, I am overwhelmed.

I absolutely love this - I would never have been able to produce anything remotely close! I am seriously in awe at how you managed to thread this together and mention [details] so succinctly! And I am mad about the closing line! Yay!

I definitely would come to you again for any copy I needed. I love your work and I find you friendly and approachable.

I think you have such a welcoming personality and you are able to hit every nail on the head in terms of what I was looking for, hoping for and wanting for this page. I am honestly overwhelmed that it is done now, because it has been hanging over my head for nearly ten weeks.

I am so excited to get it up on my website! I really can’t thank you enough Bonnie. You have not only provided me with copy, but also reignited the enthusiasm inside me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laura, Life Coach, That Confident Life

Would you recommend my services to someone else? Definitely!

I am absolutely certain that your business will be a huge success, your writing is fantastic - very chatty in style but still professional.

I love your style of writing!

Sharon, Business Owner, Tutors On Location

Thank you so much for your amazing words, I love what you have done and I am so grateful!

Sarah, Life Coach

Bonnie helped me with an overhaul of my website. She refined my Brand voice and optimised what I wanted to say into a condensed and easier to read version.


All my conversations with Bonnie were natural and productive. She put me at ease and really listened to all that I needed.  She delivered all that she promised in a timely and professional manner.


I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bonnie for all your copywriting needs, she is professional, a joy to work with and most of all delivered exactly what I needed in quick time.

Katie, Expert Declutterer, Organise to Thrive Decluttering Services

I was struggling to get the wording right on some of my social media posts and I turned to Bonnie for help. She asked me what I wanted my customers to know/ do and asked me important questions about my brand.

She came back with a sequence of posts saying exactly what I wanted to say that I couldn’t quite put into words. It was as if I’d written it, but polished and clear. She saved me time and stress and was approachable, professional, and creative. The posts got really good engagement and the special offer I was running was really successful.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to everyone.

Ceit, Yoga Teacher

Bonnie really helped me to get to the bottom of what I was trying to say. I gave her all of my ideas and she turned into clear, concise writing.

I was going round in circles trying to work out what I wanted to say. I can’t thank her enough!

Allex, Lifestyle Blogger

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