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Write your own copy and content

An hour of focused 1:1 support via Zoom and 4 weeks of email support so you can  write your own copy and content. Smash your business goals... read more

Copywriting and content writing for sustainable, creative and independent businesses 


Whatever you need to connect to your customers, or make more sales, or polish up your professionalism I'll write for you.


This could be website copy, sales emails, newsletters, blogs, brochures, social media posts, product descriptions… the list is almost endless.

When you’re running a business, spending time and energy to write can be impossible. It’s especially impossible to write persuasively, accurately, and consistently.

Copywriting is a skill unlike any other. It’s a blend of information, psychology, and storytelling. Often people think they can do it themselves (if this is you, I can also help) but there’s a reason copywriters and content writers exist.

I write for people who don't want to, or can't, write for their businesses.

Writing for product-based businesses


Product Descriptions

I’m guessing here, but you want detailed, SEO- packed product descriptions, full of rich, engaging language, striking the balance between giving accurate information and making the product irresistible… right?

Oh, and all in about 140- 280 words? Not easy.


Luckily for you, writing product descriptions are one of my favourite jobs.



In terms of SEO, a regular, relevant, helpful blog is a must.


Not only do blogs drive traffic to your website, but you get to prove your
authority in your business, they’re evergreen content and you can share
snippets on social media in your posts. Never struggle to think of a caption


I’d recommend regularly posting blogs of at least 800 words long, but
ideally closer to 1500.


Sales emails

One of the best ways copywriting helps you make sales is with sales emails.


If you’re building to a launch of a new product, or something’s coming back in stock, perhaps you’re branching out into workshops, or courses, you need to tell people. More than that, you need to shout about it!


Carefully planned sales email sequences teasing, reminding, hinting, describing and launching your products are essential, yet they take ages to write, and they’re really complex. This is why it’s a great idea to just pay someone else to do it for you. Like how you use an accountant, because tax is baffling.


Words can be baffling too.


Writing for service- based businesses



Website Copy

Your website is your everything.

It’s your shop- front, it’s your CV, it’s your portfolio, it’s your business. The copy- that is, the words that appear on the screen- needs to be pinpoint accurate. Website copy with poor grammar, spelling and punctuation (I’m looking at you, apostrophes!) can cost you business and dent your authority.


Waffly, unclear sentences will switch your customers off and they’ll be bored.


Too many, or not enough, calls to action can break even the best copy, and making them original is a whole different challenge. Calls to action, by the way, are cool little instructions for your customer to follow, like “sign up here!” or “snoop our Insta”.

Your website also needs to be packed with relevant SEO keywords. Your website developer can help with all the technical SEO tricks and tips, but I’ll write the sentences and paragraphs, full of what your customers search for, so you appear on Google. (Pssst, blogs are super good for this too!)



Regular, enriching newsletters are also a great idea to promote your business.


If someone’s kindly shared their email address with you it means they want to hear from you, so popping some joyous, helpful, engaging words into their inbox is a gift.


Finding the time to write newsletters is super hard, but having a consistent newsletter communicates to your customer that you do what you say you’re going to do and you’re reliable.


What’s more, when you’re a service- based business owner, then your business is you. Giving your customers an insight into you, your services and your skills increases your authority and your approachability, which is win-win. (Social media does this too, just in little bursts.)

What good copywriting does for you



When you’re investing in your business, you expect results. Of course you do.

I’m transparent about the results I can get for you. I’ll never promise a certain number of followers, or a certain number of sales, or a particular rank on Google, because none of that is in my control.


Honestly, any copywriter or content writer telling you these things is a big old red flag.

What I do, is give you:

  • A consistent tone of voice across platforms

  • Clear messaging for your customers, whatever you sell

  • Accurate, persuasive writing to make products or services irresistible

  • Regular communications to show your authority and promote your business

  • A strong strategy and a plan going forward

  • Fresh perspective and new ideas

  • A freer to-do list!

Does this make you more attractive to customers?



Does it make you stand out, look more professional and prove your authority?



Does this make them more likely to buy from you?





Now, this is a tricky topic. We don’t really like talking about money, do we? But, allow me to be as crystal clear as possible.


I quote based on what you need.


Every client, and every project is different, and so every price is different.


My day rate for agencies is £350, and for sustainable, independent, creative small businesses its £250. 

There's more information on each service page, and if you have specific questions I'm only an email away. 

Copy and content for small businesses and lovely agencies 

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