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Valentine’s Day Copy and Content Ideas

Engaging with your audience needs to be natural, of course, but there are key milestones in the year to give us some direction as we plan our content. Perhaps your content is scheduled from Christmas until Easter, which is amazing, but if you’re still umming and aaahing over what to post for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got your back. Stories, blogs, posts, IG lives, newsletters- you take care of the format, I’ll help you out with the ideas. Choose what feels natural, but also consider your call to action. What would you like to achieve as a result from this piece of content? If it’s to make a sale, I’d focus on the benefit your product/ service will bring and really emphasise why people love it. If you want your audience to get to know you, and to build a relationship, make sure you direct them to a blog or to encourage them to save or share your post. Yes, of course, you can share your romantic love story if you want to. Classic V- Day. Love it. BUT if you are happily single, or don’t do Valentine’s Day, or you just want to stand out- try one of these: Content ideas. These are telling your audience about you, your business, and it helps to build your audience’s awareness of your brand. Aim to keep it short and snappy, with emphasis on positivity. ❤️ Why I fell in love with my industry ❤️ A love letter to another Instagram account ❤️ Behind the scenes: a process you love ❤️ Get to know you! Best date/ worst date you ever had ❤️ A specific product/ service you love to use in your business ❤️Why I love being a JOB TITLE ❤️Choose a client or three and tell them why you love working with them ❤️ Where do you work? (At home, obvs) Share why you’re in love your work space ❤️ How did you meet your first client/ make your first sale? ❤️ What you love about SPECIFIC PLATFORM and why Copy ideas. This is your chance to make those sales! 💗 Share a product/ service you provide which you love (focus on the benefit to the customer) 💗 Share a testimonial from a client saying why they love your product or service 💗Promote a Valentine’s Day discount or flash sale on a key product or services 💗How could your product be part of a “perfect” Valentine’s Day? 💗Explain how a customer can gift your product/ service to a loved one 💗Share about your most- loved package/ service/ product- what’s your bestseller and why? 💗 How will a your customer feel if they “treat themselves” with your product/ service? 💗5 reasons a best friend/ partner/ loved one would appreciate your product/ service as a gift 💗Complete this sentence- “you can’t have a weekend in Paris, but you can have ____, which is better in IMHO” and expand 💗A love letter to your loyal customers giving them a discount on their next purchase Let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to know how you get on.

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