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How to “repurpose your content” the easy way!

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Keeping your content fresh, new, current, engaging and relevant is no easy task.

There’s so much going on, and it’s easy to get content fatigue. Luckily there’s a solution to thinking of a new idea every time you want to post, and that is to repurpose your content. Here, I explain how you can turn one piece into at least SEVEN different content ideas.


Start with the long form. Think detailed, delicious and SEO packed blog, of around 1000 words. Really get your thoughts out on the page. Show off your expertise and experience, prove your authority, inspire confidence in your reader. Pop it on your website, LinkedIn, Facebook, or anywhere with no word limit.

Guest Blog

It’s on your website now, fabulous! Which other websites can you get it on? That’s right, it’s time to guest blog. Who are your industry contacts? Now’s not the time to be shy, ask them if they’d be happy to have a guest on their website. You’re going to reach a whole new audience. This is win win as you promote the host website and the host website promotes you. You might want to tweak the blog slightly by giving different examples, re- ordering the paragraphs and altering the headings. It's not great for SEO to duplicate content in two different places, so perhaps look at your topic from a different angle.

Graphics for your newsfeed

Now, scan through your blog post. Where are your most golden quotes? Usually these will be topic sentences (the first sentences on each paragraph) but take any line which sings out and turn them into graphics on Canva. Use these as Instagram posts to signpost your blog, and get more engagement for your social media.

Your call to action will be something like, “check out the blog here...”, or “share for later”. Notice I said POSTS. Plural. You’ve got lots of potential quotes from your blog, and therefore lots of graphics to make. Also, you could share your blog every few months so your new followers can benefit from your content, too.


Next, your newsletter. You have a newsletter, don’t you? Aim for for 300 words. Your readers will only give your email 2 minutes attention if you’re lucky. You could either condense your blog post, or your could turn it into a series and send an intriguing section at a time. Write a controversial or attention-grabbing subject line and greet your reader warmly. Perhaps use an anecdote to tell a story about your blog topic- there’s nothing more engaging as a story.

Include a call to action here too- what would you like your reader to do as a result of reading this email? Make a purchase? Go to your website? Follow you on social media? Pick ONE and make it easy. Provide links and sign off in a friendly way.

Go live on social media

Let’s get visual! Turn your blog post into an Instagram Live, or a Facebook Live. Ask on your stories if anyone has any questions about the topic of your blog, so you can really meet the needs of your audience. Write your blog into notes, just bullet points. Promote your live. Grab a cuppa and some good lighting, and wow your viewers with your expertise. Lives are a great way to compel your audience to act. Can they sign up to something you’re offering? Can they access a discount on a product you sell?


Podcasts! Get your content and expertise into your audience’s ears. There are loads of wonderful podcasts to choose from and the hosts need fresh content all the time. Perhaps you even have a podcast of your own (hey, can I be on it?). Invite someone on to your podcast who struggles with the topic you are an expert in and have a good chat. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get really in-depth, in a relaxed and informal way.

A series of captions

This one blog post is seriously working for you, but there’s even more. Let’s not forget social media captions. Take the main points of your blog, and write them as if you were talking directly to your best friend. Drill down to the key points of your blog and put it in super simple, accessible language. Throw in some emojis and a kicking call to action. You’ve shown yourself to be an expert, and your readers can trust you, so ask them to act on that trust. Do you want them to DM you, head to your website, make a purchase, book a discovery call? Make it clear and make it easy: include a link.

Errr, I haven’t even written about reels, carousels, e-books, how- to- guides, courses, behind- the- scenes stories. Don’t limit your one amazing idea to one amazing piece of content. Think about how you can add value to your community and you’re going to be onto a winner. Look out for all the different content I put out, you may see some repurposed ideas and you’ll know I’m following my own advice.

PS: Want to book one of my Support Sessions to chat through your content plan? I'd love nothing more.

Bonnie Harrington is a copy and content writer from Bristol, UK. She loves writing for creative small businesses, independent brands and agencies who pay their invoices in a timely manner. Meeting new clients and chatting about their passion is one of the best parts of her job. If she’s not reading, you’ll find her writing, or messing about on Instagram.
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