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Is there any point in having a business blog?

The simple answer to this is yes.

It’s a really good idea to use blogging to market your business.

The reason some people think blogging is dead is because blogs tend to get less visible engagement (comments, likes and shares) than Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin posts.

This can lead people to think that blogs are less important or less successful. Why “waste” time writing 500 words to get only a handful of likes, when you can write a pithy caption and get three times the amount, huh?

Listen, I understand where this thought process comes from, but there are more ways than likes and shares to judge the success of your content.

Blogging isn’t for quick, buzzy engagement. It does something different, and very, VERY important.

Blogging drives traffic to your website

Once the copy on your website is in good order- full of keywords, attention- grabbing statements, lead magnets and calls to action- you might think its ok to leave it to do its thing.

Y’know, it’s polished and perfect, and it cost quite a bit of money, so now you can sit back and wait for the customers to come to you… right?

Well, sometimes that’s exactly how it works, but not often.

This method of getting customers to visit your website relies on the SEO key words in your website copy. These change over time (as does your business!) which is why your copy needs to be refreshed once in a while.

Having keywords in your blog is one way to increase the keywords on your website, which leads to more visitors from Google.

You need to drive customers to view your website. It’s unlikely that your potential customer is going to google “[your industry] [your area]” and immediately find your website.

There’s a lot of competition. And, because customers want to ensure they’re getting value for money, they’re going to look at as much of the competition as they can.

Instead of relying on Google, there are other ways to get people directly to your website.

Write a lovely blog, full of helpful information, and post about it on social media. Getting your potential clients away from (mindlessly?) scrolling on social media and spending some quality time on your website is a surefire way to get them even more aware of your brand.

But blogs aren’t just something which can be shared on social media. Once you’ve built your email list you can send teasers in emails with a link directly to the blog. These emails are also forwardable meaning customers who have friends and family that could benefit from your business can share them.

Blogging proves your expertise

You are an expert in your business.

You know it inside out, you’ve been working on it for years.

You’ve weathered the ups and downs, and you seriously know your stuff.

Blogging is a way to prove that to your customers.

They need you, and they want to know you know what you’re talking about. Taking your time to blog once a month on your industry’s key points will demonstrate to your customer that you are the expert they thought you were.

And, before you think, “but what am I going to write about?” remind yourself that there’s a lot you know but your customers don’t.

Why not help them learn about something simple? Or tell them what to watch out for when they’re next going to buy [your product/ service]. Perhaps you could explain why you decided to start your business, and what your qualifications are. Your customers might need to learn something and you can teach them a simple but valuable skill with step by step instructions.

With each blog you’re showing you’re great at your job and your customers can trust you.

Blogging builds confidence

Think about the last time you made a purchase from an independent business.

What made you do it?

When it comes to parting with our hard earned cash, we make a lot of decisions based on emotions and instinct. We also need to feel safe. We want to trust the seller of the service or product and we want to know that we’re not going to regret our decision.

Choosing to spend our money with a business which shares our values is key to this. It’s a super fast way to create a connection with customers, and to ignite loyalty which could last years.

Your blog can show who you are and what your values are easily. Your customers can simply scan the headlines of your blogs and get a vibe of who you are. Headlines which include keywords such as “sustainable”, “eco-friendly” and “vegan” will draw the eye of customers who share these values. Headlines which have “bargains”, “savings tips”, “debt advice” will appeal to a completely different customer base.

Not only can two or three headlines inspire confidence, but to see an entire back catalogue of blogs is even better. Your potential customer can search through everything you’ve written. It not only shows that you know your industry inside out, but it shows you are consistent, determined and reliable.

It takes effort to show up in your business each week or month, and this is impressive to customers.

So, there you go. Three reasons for you to get working on that business blog.

Remember, people buy from people.

Keep your blog professional, authoritative, with just enough personality to keep it warm and engaging. It’s a tough balance to strike, but it’s achievable.

Need more help? In this blog I write about my process of writing blog posts.

If you need any help in tackling your business blog, I have a couple of different (customisable) blog packages on my website. Let’s chat about it in a free discovery call.

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