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I'm super proud to show you the copywriting and content writing projects I've been working on for lovely independent, creative, and sustainable businesses around the UK.


Here's the PDF version of my portfolio, or look around the gallery below. 

Want to chat about your project? Cool, I'm only an email away.


Cheeky little disclaimer: once I carefully craft the copy and agonise over every word, and every punctuation mark, and every CTA, I hand it over to my client. It's theirs, after all. They might choose to change some of the copy, re-order it, or put their own spin on the odd sentence, and in doing so there might be the odd typo or grammar error.

Website Copy

Product Descriptions

Coming soon...


I write so many blogs, I could be here forever uploading examples. My blogs on copywriting are here, and I have guest blogs on sustainability, mental health, and writing for you to have a look at.


I've chosen to show you some of the blogs I wrote for COAT paint, because they're good examples of SEO- friendly blogs (packed with keywords, over 2000 words, and problem- solving!). Also- I'm an absolute interiors and property nerd! Want to chat about blogging for your business? Me too!