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Bristol- based freelance copy and content writer

Writing is my happy place

So it's totally ok if you hate it.


You don't have to know about tone of voice, or grammar, or AIDA, or how to write a blog packed with keywords- that's my job.

All I need to know is what your business goals are and what your budget is. I'll take care of everything else.

While you focus on your to do list, I’ll be highlighting everything that makes you awesome. I motivate your customers to act, and I write copy that sells.

Take one more thing off your to do list. Let me take charge of your content and copy, while you take charge of your business.

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Content writing and copywriting
from Words By Bonnie


Copywriting and content writing 

Blogs, newsletters, social media

Write your own copy and content

DIY copy and content resources

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Bonnie for all your copywriting needs, she is professional, a joy to work with and most of all delivered exactly what I needed in quick time."

Kate, Organise to Thrive,

Bristol, UK

I’m who you’re looking for

If you're looking for a dedicated, reliable, qualified, and enthusiastic copywriter, that is.

(I'm not who you're looking for if you want someone to watch sports with you. Or do coding. Or cleaning.)

I was always meant to be a copywriter and content writer. Words are my thing. I love reading, and I love writing, and I love helping people. 

Before I write a word for you, I research. I dig into your industry, your competitors, your keywords, your tone of voice, your brand guidelines, your goals, everything about you and your business. Only once I know all the information will I start crafting your copy and content.

It’s the only way for it to feel like you wrote it, and so the reader acts. Whether that means they follow you, buy from you, sign up to your launch, arrange a call with you, or visit your website.

Freelance copywriter and content writer

The path to my dream job

  • A 2:1 English degree

  • English PGCE

  • A distinction in Copywriting from The College of Media and Publishing.

  • Three years copywriting and content writing experience for agencies, small businesses and charities.

  • Almost a decade of English teaching in secondary schools, including as a GCSE examiner

  • Delivering workshops on writing

  • Additional CPD training, usually twice- monthly. Workshops with Copywrite Matters, City University, and, most recently, an Instagram for Business session.

Are you who I’m looking for?

I hope so!


I work with lovely business owners who have sustainable, creative, independent businesses.
I also work with lovely communicative agencies.

If you have a clear plan of your business goals, love to pay invoices on time, and can give detailed feedback, you might just be my dream client.

I’ll write whatever you need, on whatever topic you need. My very favourite things to write about are: lifestyle, properties and interiors, mental health and wellbeing, sustainability and environmental topics, charities, weddings, travel, education, food and veganism, and anything that makes a positive difference in the world.


Get in touch here and tell me all about your goals, so I can help you make your business boom.


I can’t wait to work with you,


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