Hello, I’m Bonnie. I'll help you connect to your customers and make more sales.

Let's tell your story and make your business irresistible.

Bonnie Harrington
My copywriting clients come from all walks of life, but they have a few things in common. I'd love to work with you if you:
  • Are a creative agency who love to foster relationships with their freelancers, or:

  • Are a passionate, dedicated and friendly person who runs a small/ medium sized business

  • Have a clear idea of your brand, your goals and your needs. (Ideally, you’ll know all this but if you’re not sure about this I can help.)

  • Work within a creative industry and/or your business has a socially conscious spirit.

  • Are responsive to emails, quick to pay invoices and are generally a fabulous person. (Of course you are!)

Over the past two years I’ve worked with yoga teachers; a vegan baker; an interior designer; a tailor; wedding photographers; a seamstress; bloggers, a home organiser; tutors; life coaches… I’ve also worked with an ethical marketing agency in London and Bristol.


Hopefully I can add you to this list too.


I'll help you:

  • Connect with your dream customers

  • Make sales

  • Promote your business

  • Get a consistent presence across all social media platforms

  • Ensure your website inspires confidence and calls customers to action

  • Clarify exactly who you are and what you do

Book your FREE 15 minute discovery call to discuss your needs, or email bonnie@wordsbybonnie.com.

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